27Y Human STR Identification Kit


· All 17 loci from Yfiler kit included.
· 10 new Y-STR loci, including 7 rapidly mutating Y-STRs, for ability to discriminate between close male relatives.
· 8 miniSTRs below 220bp for detection of degraded samples.
· Improved resolution capacity for male/female mixtures.
· Expanded allelic ladder.
· Shorter amplification time.

SureID® 27Y Human STR Identification Kit provides an assay that amplifies 27 loci. There are 20 normal detection loci (mutation rate<1‰) 

which can thus be used for paternal genetic testing; 7 rapidly mutating loci (mutation rate >1%), which increase the identification rate of close 

male relatives with higher resolution than similar products in the market. Among the 27 loci, there are 8 miniSTRs (less than 220bp in length), 

for degraded samples, enhancing compatibility and effectiveness of the kit.


Pre-amplification ReagentsPCR Master Mix
SureID® 27Y Primer Mix
Control DNA 9948
DNase/RNase-Free H2O
Post-amplification ReagentsSureID® 27Y Allelic Ladder Mix

Order Information

SureID® 27Y Human STR Identification Kit25 μL×50 reactions/boxGY01183
SureID® 27Y Human STR Identification Kit25 μL×200 reactions/boxGY01177

Forensic products are NOT available in USA market.




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