2014 July 29-31 Health Gene Tech (HGT) proudly took part in the annual American Association for Clinical Chemistry & Clinical (AACC) Laboratory Exhibition. AACC is the world’s largest professional clinical laboratory exhibition – this year it brought together more that 700 world-renowned clinical examination exhibitors and over 20,000 participants from more than 100 countries worldwide. AACC is a platform where chief laboratory physicians, corporate executives and managers, medical experts, and product development specialists can connect. As a part of HGT international IVD market development plan, we participated in the AACC for the first time, boasting a state-of-the-art stand. HGT hoped to demonstrate the product lines in the company and the direction of the research in the R&D centre. Our distinctive molecular diagnostic techniques based on Advanced Fragment Analysis (AFA) via the Capillary Electrophoresis platform received a lot of attention, and HGT AFA technology kits seemed to be filling the gap of clinical application based on CE platform. HGT has successfully attracted a large audience from across the globe, and established potential collaboration ties.

                The completed HGT AACC stand                      Health Gene Tech AACC representation team

Health Gene Tech together with clinical molecular diagnostics, transformational medicine, laboratory and enterprise management experts have developed a variety of multi-target nucleic acid fragment kits based on the AFA (Advanced Fragment Analysis) technology. A broad range of products based on capillary electrophoresis platform provide simple, fast and efficient nucleic acid detection methods for clinical testing. The kits developed are suitable for pharmacogenomics analysis, infectious pathogen detection and human DNA identification.

HGT kits are compatible with AB 3130, AB 3500, AB 3500DX from Life Technologies and GeXP genetic analyzers from AB SCIEX. Handy Yowanto, AB SCIEX Product Manager, demonstrated the GeXP genetic analyzer on site. He ran gene detection reagent HGT kits applied on the GeXP platform, which received a warm welcome from the attendees.


About Health Gene Technologies

Health Gene Technologies founded in August 2011 is focused on gene analysis, molecular diagnostics product development, as well as the production and the sales of the products. HGT boasts 2,000 square meters of molecular diagnostics R&D laboratory and a 1,000 square metre GMP standard purification plant. It employs both domestic and foreign leading molecular diagnostics and production management personnel, led by the professional R&D team.

Inspired by our motto "Health Technologies • Healthy Life" HGT commits to high standard AFA product development. The unique AFA technology is dedicated to independent R&D and production of nucleic acid molecule detection products. The products comply with leading international standards for human ID and paternity identification, infectious pathogen detection, individualized medication guide and provides the most superior molecular detection solutions.

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Health Gene Tech at AACC 2014 Annual Meeting & Clinical Laboratory Exhibition

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